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Name Enis Kisacik
Member since 2017-04-25
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Plays with PS Controller
DOB 2000-10-30 (18 years old)
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Diamond II
Division I
- 927 Elopoints -
(17 Matches)


Champion I
Division II
- 1234 Elopoints -
(69 Matches)

3v3 (Solo)

Diamond III
Division I
- 1132 Elopoints -
(0 Matches)


Diamond III
Division III
- 1146 Elopoints -
(108 Matches)

Current earned achievements

All Fours Barras Bravas Battle-Car Collector Brave the Elements Break Shot Budding Artist Buzzer Beater Certifiable Clean Sheet Coming On Strong Damage Control Double Up Drill Sergeant Drops in the Bucket Family, Not Friends Far, Far Away... Fast Break Feather in Your Recap First-Timer Friendly Full Course GG Gladiator Good Times Grease Monkey Helen's Pride Icing the Cake Infinite Power! Know The Drill Left Wing, Right Wing Mad Scientist Minute to Win it My World is Fire Natural Progression One Better Pick-Me Up Pitch Veteran Rank Up Rider's Block Rocket Genocider Sea Turtle Singles Club Sky High Speed Demon Still A Show-Off Stocked Storm Trooper Super Victorious Swap Meet The Streak Tinkerer Trade Secret Traveler Trifecta Triple Threat Turbocharger Wall-Crawler Winner