What we offer

We are looking for motivated members, who want to take a peek behind the scenes and help us with running the clan. If you are interested in taking part in pushing the C00L_C4TS to even greater heights, we have plenty of different administrative positions available. See the list below for unfilled vacancies.

What we expect

If you want to be instated in your chosen position, you need to show us that you are motivated and proactive about your work. We don’t expect you to be perfect, but you should fulfill your role to your best knowledge. Also we have some basic requirements that apply to all jobs: You have to be at least 16 years old and speak german and english on a communicative level.

Scout (m/f)

You want to recruit new members for us? Your job is to find new members and pass through our eight steps to membership by performing a job interview and playing against recruits. After you have scouted new members, you have to flank them in their first days.

Warlord (m/f)

You want to organize clanwars for us? Just keep in touch with other clans and create agreements for clanwars. After you have done this, you should add the details to our website and find participants by informing our members. After the clanwar you have to add the results to our website. This time we try to organize one clanwar per week. Talk with our members and match the perfect playing frequency.

Social Media-Manager (m/f)

You want to write updates to our follower? You have to post updates on Facebook and Google+ for our followers, you have also to answer on YouTube comments and discuss with our fans. Additional you will get a feature to send our members notifications to their smartphones and desktops for internal communication.

Cutter (m/f)

You want to show the world who we are? We try to create a video of each clanwar. This should be a summary and could be created by you. You should upload this video summary on YouTube and organize to fill out the video attributes on YouTube.

Streamer (m/f)

You want to show us live on twitch or YouTube-Gaming? Do it! Show the world our training and our clanwars, we would love, if you could comment the games in german or english. On clanwars you are only authorized to spectate while streaming, but next time another member will stream.

Janitor (m/f)

Wipe, wipe, wipe.