We are C00L_C4TS,
we will never give up,
we will never lose.

Infinite boost

Infinite boost

You should know about the C00L_C4TS, we are the fastest clan in whole Rocket League. Other players run out of boost, but we will ever reserve our boost for the moment that really matters.

Aiming for success

Aiming for success

Everytime we will aim for success, that should not mean, that every our shots will score a goal, sometimes we are just playing with you for prestige for our powerful clan.

Bring it to the point

Bring it to the point

C00L_C4TS tactics are very ez, 'it' means the ball and 'point' is just meaning your goal. After we scored a dirty 1-0, you should look at us when childcare takes place. C'mon, play against us!

Teaser video

C00L_C4TS - Montage

How to become a C00L_C4T

Requirement I

Sportsmanlike and teamplay

Our members care a sportsmanlike surrounding and treat ourselves well. Unfortunately sometimes a C00L_C4T loses a match, but we still keep on pushing our teammates, a C00L_C4T stands up and fights like a tiger in the next match. A C00L_C4T never fights alone, fighting together is even more fun and provides better results.

Requirement II

C00L_C4TS stay active

The base of our clan is to stay active, C00L_C4TS like to join the teamspeak-server daily and be a part of the community. Feel free to participate in our weekly tournament on Wednesday and other upcoming events.

Requirement III

Social competence and decent behaviour

C00L_C4TS always keep in mind that an appropriate contact is fundamental for every community. It doesn't matter if member or leader, feel free to meet other members. Our open-minded cats will welcome you in our clan.

Requirement IV

Sign up on our website

Assignees need to sign up on this website and have to link the teamspeak-ID on the profile, after that they get in touch with a scout of the C00L_C4TS. Our scouts will guide in every newcomer and help on further questions.